Vivekananda Trust

The Team

 Our Team

The team that we have consists of full time workers, who were previously with Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari.  They are all development workers with experience ranging from 12 to 30 years.  They all have rich experience in handling various developmental programmes in all its dimensions such as planning, implementing, mobilizing resources and monitoring.

 General Body Members

1.     Dr. Paran Gowda

2.     Sri. Mundayoor. S.

3.     Sri. Krishna Bhatt

4.     Sri. Bhushan K

5.     Sri. Viswanath P

6.     Dr. H. Sudarshan, Padmashree

7.     Sri. Venkat Narayana

8.     Sri. Chandrashekar. J

9. Sri. Madhan Kumar. A

10. Su.Mousumi Gogoi


Board of Trustees

1.     Dr. Paran Gowda -President

2.     Sri. Bhushan K - Treasurer

3.     Sri. Viswanath P - Secretary

4.     Sri. Venkat Narayana - Member

5.     Sri. S. Mundayoor - Member

6.     Sri. Chandrashekar J - Member

7.     Sri. Madhan Kumar A - Member

8.       Dr. H. Sudarshan, Padmashree - Member

9.     Sri. Ramesh Kapoor- Member


Executive Committee

Dr. Paran Gowda- President

Sri. K. Bhushan-Treasurer

Sri. Viswanath-Secretary

Sri. Venkatnarayana-Member









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